Buying guide to snow boots

Last updated November 22, 2017

There are several things to consider when buying snow boots.

1. Cheap or expensive?

Many people choose to buy the expensive ones thinking they are much better quality boots. In the mean time, many tests from Sweden and Norway have shown that cheaper alternatives may be better and keep your feet warmer than the boots from expensive brands.

The expert advice is this: consider the qualities of the boot rather than price.

Large size sneakers for big mens feet

Last updated October 11, 2017

People with small and large feet have often trouble finding shoes. This comes from the fact that we are a minority and companies doesn’t sell as many of the smaller and larger sizes. As such, you cannot walk into a brick and mortar store and expect to buy shoes for those with large feet.

Sneakers are probably the easiest to find in large sizes. They are often made very nice looking and fit any outfit.

In this article we chose the best large sneakers for men available on the market today.

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