Extra wide toddler shoes and brands

Many toddlers have very wide feet due to their developing arches. The worst thing you can do is to put on shoes that are too tight. Parents often tell us how hard is it to find extra wide shoes that are also cute. Now we are here to help!

In this test we will be looking at the best shoes and brands that produce extra wide toddler shoes. There are not very many different types of shoes with extra wide size, but we were able to find several styles for both boys and girls.

Stride Rite SRT SM Dawson Boat Shoe Stride Rite SRT SM Dawson Boat Shoe $33.57 - $45.00 Stride Rite3-6 US4,5
The shoes are high quality and have flexible soles making it easy to walk in.
New Balance KA680 Youth Running Shoe New Balance KA680 Youth Running Shoe $21.43 - $54.99 New Balance1–13,5 US4,5
Well made quality running shoes that are also lightweight and easy on the foot. The shoes have good support and are sturdy. Velcro makes it easy for a child to put and off.
Smokey Mountain Kids' Denver Leather Western Boot Smokey Mountain Kids' Denver Leather Western Boot $29.99 - $60.75 Smoky Mountain1–13,5 US4,6
High quality slip-on leather boots that run extra wide with a lot of wiggle rom.
Saucony Boys Baby Ride Sneaker Saucony Boys Baby Ride Sneaker $19.68 - $63.53 Saucony4–12 US4,4
Lightweight shoes that are very easy to put on. Velcro opens up wide. The shoes are perfect for large feet, feet with large arches, boxy and any other really wide feet.
Jumping Jacks Lazer Sneaker Jumping Jacks Lazer Sneaker $19.00 - $52.95 Jumping Jacks4–8 US4,5
Lightweight sneaker with a lot of room in the toe box. The shoe is also reinforced on the outside making it sturdy.

There are several occasions when you may need to consider buying extra wide shoes for your child:

Best women’s shoes for flat feet

All women want to look good, but people with low arches or flat feet can’t wear all types of shoes. High heels are particularly difficult as they require a strong arch to be able to wear them.

There is a difference between flat feet and a low arch. If your foot is not naturally flat, but was deformed into a fallen arch, it may be fixed by wearing proper footwear!

Current research suggests that walking barefoot is particularly good for your feet. Walking barefoot activates additional lower-leg muscles and helps support your body weight. Same studies have shown that wearing foot supporting orthotics and inserts will also selectively activate foot muscles and help you support and even rebuild the arch.

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