Cobian Fiesta Skinny Bounce Womens Sandal White 6

Last updated May 12, 2019

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  • Original title: Cobian Fiesta Skinny Bounce Womens Sandal White 6
  • Color: White – New for 2019
  • Brand: Cobian
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  • Dep: womens
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    ABOUT THIS SANDAL: Squishy EVA Top-Sole, Comfortable Fabric Strap, and a Multi-Density Footbed with Arch Support. See image at left with technical call outs to learn more.
    COMFORT – From anatomically-designed footbeds with arch support to premium materials intended to caress your skin; Cobian has been recognized as a market leader in providing comfortable sandals since 1995.
    QUALITY – See why millions of sandal lovers worldwide choose Cobian. From design to manufacturing, our quality assurance process ensures you enjoy our sandals from the moment you slip them on.
    VALUE – Cobian goes to great lengths to offer more features in its sandals than any of its competitors enabling you to enjoy a great sandal at an even better price!
    LIFETIME WARRANTY – Check out our Endless Comfort Guaranty, available on every pair of Cobian sandals.