OLIVIA K Womens Crystal Bling Glitter Strap Flip Flop Thong Sandal

Last updated May 12, 2019

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  • Original title: OLIVIA K Women’s Crystal Bling Glitter Strap Flip Flop Thong Sandal,7 B(M) US,Flower
  • Color: Flower
  • Brand: OLIVIA K
  • Model:
  • Dep: womens
  • Features:
    Bright and light, so easy to pop on, and so easy to admire. Smooth, rounded straps with buckle or crystal bling glitter around your feet. Spend all day in ease and comfort in these whisper-light sandals
    As in, no cares! Slip these on and don’t worry, be happy, because they’ll let you go about your day or summer adventures without having to think about them.
    Long-wearing durability and waterproof materials are part of the package. Springy and long-lasting construction will let you wear these day in and day out, without wearing out! Take them anywhere, they’ll accommodate you and your lifestyle
    Natural hues and bright shine add light, smooth cheer to your wardrobe. With a range of color to choose from, these will go with any outfit, and enliven it at the same time
    These aren’t just sweet fashion sandals, they have a practical side. Yay, it’s warm weather time, and these are the perfect light thong sandals for balmy days and nights