OLLI Mens Fair Trade Flip Flops 44 EU, Iron Grey/Caribbean Bay Blue

Last updated July 21, 2019

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OLLI Men’s Fair Trade Flip Flops 44 EU/11 US M Iron Grey/Blue

Color: Iron Grey/Caribbean Bay Blue
Model: olli nrff iron/adriaticblue 44/11 m OLLI NRFF Iron/AdriaticBlue 36/5 W
Department: mens 

INCREDIBLY LIGHT WEIGHT AND SOFT – Natural rubber has a silky smooth texture. The best way to describe it is silk. The stuff just feels like silk. Believe it or not, it actually looks like a perfect satin milk when it comes out of the tree. That definitely translates to more comfort on your foot. Between the cloud-like softness and the fact that they literally feel like they weigh nothing you’ll often forget that you’re even wearing anything.
AUTOMATICALLY MOLDS TO YOUR FEET – the natural rubber conforms to the unique curves of your foot each flip-flop provides support exactly where your foot needs it most.
LONG-LASTING DURABILITY – Natural Rubber is incredibly elastic and when mixed with the right balance of other natural ingredients to make the perfect latex compound it becomes super spongy. It’s this sponginess that allows it to maintain it’s structure and remain strong no matter what you throw at it.
HAVE A CLEAN CONSCIENCE – never wonder if you’re supporting exploitative business practices. As members of the fair rubber association the standard is high and the workers are treated fairly.
NO WORRY CUSTOMER SERVICE – we take care of ALL of your problems. Whether it’s shipping, product defect, quality issues, or simply just a question about the flip flop we respond fast and in your favor. Our only rule when it comes to customer service is customer first.