Seranoma Women’s Faux Fur Lining Indoor Outdoor Ankle Anti-Slip Boot

Last updated June 24, 2019

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  • Original title: Seranoma Women’s Faux Fur Lining Indoor Outdoor Ankle Anti-Slip Boot
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  • Brand: Seranoma
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    KEEP YOUR FEET WARM DURING WINTER: Your feet, toes and ankles will NOT get cold this winter, thanks to these fluffy boot slippers that cover the ankles. The faux fur lining of our winter slippers is guaranteed to keep your feet warm and cozy!
    FEELS LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD: The footbed of these lightweight ankle boot slippers is made with the softest EVA foam material, so it will hug every curve of your foot and provide you with optimal comfort, whether you sit, stand or walk.
    THESE SOLES WILL KEEP YOU SAFE: Are your house floors slippery? Don’t worry, because the thick, flat sole of our winter slippers is slip-resistant. This means that whether you walk on the floor or on a carpet, you’ll be just as sturdy and safe!
    OUR WASHING TIPS: To clean these women’s slippers, simply hand wash them with warm water and a gentle cleanser, without rubbing them. You should then stuff them with paper to maintain their shape and place them a foot away from the vent.
    PICK THE RIGHT SIZE AND COLOR: Our faux fur slippers come in walnut, navy, black, and grey, and they are available in many different sizes (THEY RUN SMALL). So pick the right size and color and get your own pair of stylish boot slippers today!