Best wedge trainers for women 2016

Wedge trainers are a type of sporty shoes with a platform sole in the form of the wedge where the heel part is higher than the toe. The surface under the wedgies is a one piece material that serves both as the sole and the heel. Comfortable and super cute wedge trainers are often hard to find. They give petite girls extra height, go with almost everything and can be worn by women of all ages.

Here are the best wedge trainers we could find this year.

ProductPriceWidest sizeOverall score
PUMA Women's MY/66 Wedge Sneaker $30.00 - $120.00 M 4,8

Converse Womens Chuck Taylor Lux Mid Textile Trainers $60.01 - $90.00 M 4,8
PUMA Women's Sky Wedge Fashion Sneaker $49.95 - $100.75 M 4,7
PUMA Women's Classic Wedge Sneaker $35.99 - $79.20 M 4,6
Nike Women's Dunk Sky Hi Essential Casual Shoe
$91.00 - $159.95M4,4
Skechers Originals Women's Retros OG 85 Fashion Sneaker $31.03 - $87.84 M 4,5
Maxstar Women's 7H Zipper Low Wedge Heel Sneakers $39.98 - $41.98 M 4,4
Maxstar Women's 777 Back Zipper Canvas High Wedge Heel Sneakers $41.98 M 4,3

The main difference between regular wedges and wedge trainers is the style and comfort. Wedge trainers are designed for gym and have a sporty style. They are more like sneakers, but with a hidden heel: they have laces like regular sneakers, more padding and cushion from the running shoe. All these features make wedge trainers much more comfortable to wear.

The very best wedge trainer this year according to more than a hundred customer reviews is a blue PUMA Women’s MY/66 Wedge Sneaker. It’s made of high quality leather and can be worn all year.

Best low wedge trainer in our test is Skechers Retros Fashion Sneaker.

Many people would like black and white wedge trainers. We found many good ones, but the best were Converse Chucks and Maxstar Zippers. They are also best concealed wedge trainers in the year 2016.

What are wedge trainers good for?

Wedge trainers have hidden heels. The heel can be low or high. Low heels are often used in orthopedic shoes to provide extra support.

Wedge heels are an innovation of Bill Bowerman by Nike. In 1967 he calculated that a heel-raised wedge will help runners to coax forward and reduce the strain placed on the back of the heel.

Wedge footwear is good for people with high arches and some types of back and foot pain. The elevated heel displaces the center of balance and makes you automatically improve your posture. Additional foot muscles are involved in walking in wedge shoes, thus providing extra muscle training.

Stains on shoes

Bright colored shoes get dirty fast. Stains on white canvas shoes are best to wash away in a washing machine or brush off with a toothbrush. Scuffs and other dirt marks may be removed in several ways depending on a type of your shoe material.

If you think that your shoes get dusted and dirty all the time than you may consider buying darker version of the shoes, for example black or navy converse wedge trainers.

Leather wedge trainers

Leather wedge trainers are often a great alternative to high heels. If you have a knee pain or can’t wear flats or ordinary sneakers than leather wedge trainers are for you. Leather ankle high footwear is often warm enough to wear in colder weather outside as well.

The best leather wedge trainers from our test is a wedge sneaker from Puma. They are made of quality leather and have laces that can be loosened up if the boot is too tight.

Wedge trainer for wide feet

There weren’t very many wedges to choose from for women with wide feet. There was exactly one wedge trainer variation that had sizes for wide feet. The widest size we found was W (which means normal to wide feet) and it was a Nike Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Essential Casual Shoe.

I would like to mention that people with wide feet could try some stretching techniques. They work best on leather shoes like Skechers Sneaker or PUMA wedges.


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